What’s the difference between the Hackney Labour council and the local Hackney Labour Parties?

Every Hackney Labour councillor is a member of one of our local parties – either Hackney North and Stoke Newington Labour Party or Hackney South and Shoreditch Labour Party. They are all selected by local members and we work together to build support for Labour in Hackney and to campaign for Labour election wins and on many issues such as supporting the NHS and opposing racism. However, because the Labour Party is a thriving democracy and members have strong feelings about politics, we the council and the local parties don’t always take the same position on every single issue. Each month our councillors and Mayor report to local Labour Party meetings and are held to account by our members. Similarly, representatives from the membership attend internal meetings of Labour councillors and report back on these.

What happens at the monthly all-member meetings?

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What happens at local branch meetings?

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Who are the exec and how are they elected?

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Why do we campaign and how can I get started?

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What happens at party conference?

Party Conference happens once a year in September across four exciting days. All members can sign up to go – there are variable charges for this. There are many different ways to experience conference, some people focus on the debates, meetings and socials that happen as part of the fringe. In the main conference hall, the focus is on party business with delegates representing our local parties, affiliated trade unions and socialist societies voting on policy issues, how our party works and who represents us in key committees. There’s also training available on all aspects of the Labour Party and a chance to meet local activists and return enthused with new ideas and skills.

How can we help to get a Labour victory at the next election?

There are lots of ways to help get Labour into government. What turned things around at the last election and got us a historic swing to Labour taking us to under 2% below the Tories was Labour members and supporters talking to people about the issues that matter to them. Some of these happened through organised canvassing but others happened informally in workplaces, round the dinner table, on buses, and on Facebook, Instagram and other social media. So¬† a good place to start is to talk to the people you know about politics and to share stuff online. If you have time to volunteer there’s always work that needs doing from delivering leaflets to organising meetings. And, if you can afford it, joining and donating to Labour are critical because we don’t have the money from big business that the Tories have and so we rely on lots of small donations to people power our party.

What special skills do I need to get involved?

You don’t need any special skills – everyone can get involved!! Just fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll get back to you.

How does Labour Party policy get made?

The short official answer is via the National Policy Forum – you can read about that process here. The longer unofficial answer is that very few people understand how the National Policy Forum works and policy often seems to be made via other mechanisms with the leader’s office and the shadow cabinet playing a key role. Policies are debated at national and regional conferences and while, these votes are not binding, they can put pressure on the National Policy Forum to change their position. And policy is not just national. Local policies get made by Labour councillors after a process of consultation with party members. However, Katy Clark has been conducting a wide-ranging review of Labour Party’s internal democracy and has developed proposals for a new people-powered policy process to maximise involvement of members and CLPs in the policy process including a new NEC Policy Committee – so watch this space. You can read her full proposals here.

How does the local party relate to the national party?

Local Labour Parties are key to making the party function. It’s here where we select who will stand to represent Labour in elections at every level from local to national. We campaign, raise money, introduce new members to the party.

When will the next General Election be?

This is a great question. As we have a fixed term parliament it would need support from at least two thirds of the House of Commons to have an election before 2022. But we live in tempestuous times. We are set to leave the European Union in March and Theresa May is presiding over a minority government in disarray. So the next election may not be years away. In the Labour Party we believe that political change happens through a combination of actions by elected politicians and by a wider social movement. This means we can all do our bit as part of that movement to bring down this brutal Conservative government.

Get Involved

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